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Saturna Island, British Columbia

Saturna Island is one of the southernmost islands in Canada’s Gulf Island chain between Vancouver Island and mainland British Columbia.  The island hosts a small local population; access to the mainland and Vancouver Island is provided by car and passenger ferry as well and by airplane.  Saturna Island is heavily mountainous and boasts many native species of marine and avian wildlife.

The local community on Saturna Island is vibrant and active with many local events including community BBQs alongside other social dining events and holiday celebrations.  It is highly popular as a tourist attraction; over half of the island is parkland and several walk-in campsites can be found at Narvaez Bay on the eastern shore.  A local vineyard offers wine tastings to visitors and a free to play nine-hole golf course can be found at Thompson Park on the north side of the island.

Saturna Island has a long history with the local orca whale population.  A museum at East Point details Saturna’s history with the whales as well as information on the history of local business related to the orca whale.  East Point itself is a popular destination for land-bound whale watching.